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Guiding clients to realize their dreams

About Us

About Us

Azimuth Wealth Advisors* is an independent wealth management firm, which provides comprehensive, customized financial strategies and solutions to help clients achieve their various financial objectives, lifetime goals and legacy desires.

*Azimuth Wealth Advisors is a DBA for Azimuth Wealth Advisors, LLC, a registered investment adviser, which is 100% owned individually by Charles Courtney Rogers, who is its CEO, President, Managing Member and Chief Compliance Officer, and for which Mr. Rogers is an investment advisor representative.

Charles and Anne Rogers

Charles Rogers and Anne Rogers


Our Vision

To elevate the client-advisor relationship to a new level.

  • To develop and maintain the highest level of trust.
  • To work diligently and tenaciously toward achieving our clients’ goals, while always placing clients’ best interests first.
  • To go beyond helping clients to achieve their various financial, lifetime and legacy goals.
  • To inspire and empower clients and instill confidence in them to pursue their dreams.
  • Through astute advice, steady guidance and precise execution, help clients to achieve “Peace of Mind” and ultimately to realize their dreams.

Our Mission

To understand our clients, their current situation, their goals and aspirations in order to formulate and deliver creative, effective and efficient solutions to help clients attain their various financial (quantitative) goals as well as their qualitative ones such as health, happiness, and “Peace of Mind”.

By asking probing questions, listening actively and working together as partners with our clients and their other trusted advisors, we seek to instill confidence in clients so they can go about their lives, knowing that they are on the right path and that we are guiding them along the journey toward achieving their various goals.