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Guiding clients to realize their dreams

Our success is tied to our clients’ success.SM

Our success is tied to our clients’ success.SM

Truly Independent.

As an independent wealth management firm, owned solely by its CEO, we have the distinct advantage of being able to focus our time, energies and resources on our clients rather than on shareholders.

Highly Experienced.

After 25 years of providing financial advice and investment and risk management services to some of the most successful CEOs and major corporations as well as to select wealthy families and foundations, Charles Rogers founded Azimuth Wealth Advisors to focus intensely on guiding our clients to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Intensely Client-Focused.

Azimuth”, a quantitative measure of direction, and our unique logo with an upwardly trending line, emanating from a compass, were thoughtfully chosen to symbolize the role we play as advisors in guiding our clients.

Dedicated to our Clients.

We dedicate our time to get to know our clients. We listen intently to them. We ask probing questions to get to the heart of their concerns and aspirations. We assess risks and opportunities as we formulate strategies to guide our clients to achieve their goals.

Interests Aligned.

We thoughtfully and purposefully structured our firm, our relationships with our clients and our respective interests to be completely aligned. Our goal is to help clients achieve theirsSM.


We are compensated solely by the fees our clients pay for our advice. We receive no compensation from product sales or third parties.

Our clients’ best interest.

We are highly motivated to act solely in the best interests of our clients, not just from a moral or business perspective, but also from a legal standard. As investment advisors, we act as Fiduciaries. Thus, we have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of our clients.


We apply the same type of discipline, rigor and focus we learned in the military, mathematics and engineering. We adhere to our proprietary, disciplined investment process. By overlaying fundamental and technical analysis, we seek to optimize the proper balance between risk and reward for each client’s unique circumstances.