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The Story Behind the Name

The Story Behind the Name

Why we chose “Azimuth” as the name of our firm, Azimuth Wealth Advisors.

Azimuth is the most befitting, logical, available and distinctive name we could think of that has strong symbolic meanings for our experience, values and the services we provide in advising and guiding clients to achieve their goals. Before entering the financial services sector over 34 years ago, our founder and CEO, Charles Rogers, served as a Field Artillery officer in the U.S. Army. He learned that determining and following the correct azimuth are absolutely essential to firing weapons safely and hitting distant targets.

As wealth advisors, we take our role and responsibility just as seriously. We understand how critical it is for clients to determine the correct direction (“azimuth”) to take and decisions to make as well as how to stay on track (“azimuth check”) to achieve their various and often distant goals.